EIWTC Online Campus

The online school is most easily described as an extension of the regular school.  The greatest difference is that with the online school, each week, the online student will view their classes via live webcast OR at their own convenience by viewing the video archive or mp3. Video archives and MP3s are posted by 6PM(CST) the following day and students have 7 days to watch the class and take a quiz that will count for attendance in that class. 


ALL classes, instructors, tests, and assignments for both the online school and Darrow, LA Campus may be accessed online


Books for each class will be mailed to each student at the beginning of each semester.
  Every online student has the ability to communicate with their instructors via e-mail.  


Upon successful completion of the 2 year course, the online student will receive an E.I.W.T.C. Diploma which indicates succsessful completion of the school.  This diploma is the same as the diploma received for attending the Darrow, LA campus.  As an online school graduate you will have the option of participating in graduation ceremonies either by internet or in person at the annual graduation ceremonies in Darrow, LA to receive your diploma.


*****Please Note: A dependable computer and high speed internet connection (cable  modem, DSL, Fiber etc..) are REQUIRED to attend the online school.  You will be streaming videos at 400kbps. Click Here for a speed test.  Your download speed should be at least 400kbps.  400kbps should be easy for a regular cable modem, DSL or fiber connection to achieve.  EIWTC classes are streamed using Flash Video Streams.***** 





The Tuition, Fees, & Book Costs for the online school is $850.00 per school year. EIWTC has teamed up with SmartTuition for the processing and collection of student's tuition. Upon applying, student's will receive instructions on how to set up a smart tuition account and manage their payment method.


Initial Payment (Due Upon Enrollment) Registration,Technology Fee, Books & September 2019 Tuition $170.00
October 2019 $100.00

November 2019

December 2019 $100.00
January 2020 $100.00
February 2020 $100.00
March 2020 $100.00
April 2020 $80.00



Important Dates and Times

Orientation: Monday, August 26, 2019 @ 7 PM CST

Classes Begin: Monday, September 9, 2019

Registration Deadline: September 9, 2019

Live Classes are held every Monday and Wednesday from 6:45pm - 9:25pm CST

(Online Students Are Not Required to Watch Live Classes)

Graduation: Thursday, May 7, 2020




Who We Are

Word of Life Christian Center is dedicated to changing people's lives with the Word of God and equipping them to evangelize the world through Jesus Christ. We are a local church in Louisiana pastored by Dr. Thompson. Also, we minister to people all over the world through live webcasting.

Contact Us

Word of Life Christian Center
40066 Highway 22
Darrow, Louisiana 70725
Phone: 225-473-8874 | Fax: 225-473-5785