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Never Go After Money (BK) 


Get money off of your mind and get serving God and people on your mind. When you do that, money will no longer have control over your life, and you’ll never have to go after it again. In Never Go After Money, Dr. Leroy Thompson, Sr. will guide you in changing your financial position by seeing, hearing and understanding seedtime and harvest like never before. You'll learn the secret to functioning in the blessings of the Lord without ever having money control you or make you high-minded. Over the years, this lesson has been totally missed in the Church, but in this short-read, Dr. Thompson addresses it head-on. You won’t have to listen to the voice of money anymore because money will now listen to your voice. The revelations in this book will cover the entire spectrum of your life and start a swift flow in your finances for years to come.

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Word of Life Christian Center is dedicated to changing people's lives with the Word of God and equipping them to evangelize the world through Jesus Christ. We are a local church in Louisiana pastored by Dr. Thompson. Also, we minister to people all over the world through live webcasting.

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