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Cross Factor(BK) 


God’s master plan to set His children back in right position with Him was Jesus Christ on the Cross! Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection was not only for our salvation, but it blazed a trail for every believer to live a life of complete and total victory while on earth. Many times we get used to experiencing partial victory; victory in some areas of our lives but not others. Your finances may be on track while your family suffers or your family is successful but you just can’t seem to overcome your past. Don’t worry, God never does anything halfway! When Jesus died on the Cross, His blood bought the victory for whatever it is that you may need. Jesus’ blood is your receipt to 100% victory! This is the Cross Factor! In this book, you will learn the Spiritual truths behind the Cross and just what benefits you have access to in this life, not just when you get to heaven. As you read you will discover:How to operate in the principle of fearlessness, The Blood Can’t Fail, The power to change your atmosphere by speaking blood-filled words. And much more!

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Word of Life Christian Center is dedicated to changing people's lives with the Word of God and equipping them to evangelize the world through Jesus Christ. We are a local church in Louisiana pastored by Dr. Thompson. Also, we minister to people all over the world through live webcasting.

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